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Ezra Cohen merupakan sosok yang dikenal sebagai gitaris dan vokalis band indiepunk asal New Hampshire bernama Notches. Pasca Notches bubar, Ezra baru saja merilis solo EP nya yang berjudul ‘Solid State Grass’ tahun 2021. Dalam interview ini redaksi Knurd berbicara tentang project solo Ezra ke depan sambil dengan cerita Notches sendiri yang di-sign oleh notable label di scene DIY orgcore/melodic hardcore/indierock seperti Salinas Records dan Deadbroke Rekerds.

Knurd : First question, is being a solo carrer the first thing to come up from your head after Notches got disbanded??

Ezra : Definitely! I had already been working on solo music during the later part of Notches. So, when the band broke up I just decided to put all my musical energy in to my solo music. It’s been going well so far!

Knurd : After Notches, are you still willing to do a band??

Ezra : For sure, and I think I definitely will do more bands in time. My main goal with music is always just to write great songs and make great records. I love working on my own songs, but I also love helping other people make their songs great as well. Hoping to do more collaborating with other people in the near future. I’ve definitely been missing that band dynamic and collaborating with other musicians lately.

Knurd : Can you explain the name behind your recent EP ‘Granite State Grass’??

Ezra : It’s really just based on the first lyric of the first song “Car Wheels and Concrete.” I just liked that line and used it for the title.

Knurd : To be honest, your recent EP ‘Granite State Grass’ sounds more country to me comparing to any other of your works on Notches. Are you changing the songwriting process?

Ezra : It totally is! I always like to flirt with that alt country sound on my solo stuff. I really love that music. There’s some of that going on on the new record I just made, but it’s not all the way country vibes. The Replacements kinda do that sometimes where they’ll add a little twang to their songs, and I’ve always been inspired by that.

Knurd : Could you mention me 3 most influencial records on your songwriting process??

Ezra : Man that’s a tough one! I’ll try my best though.
01. Lemonheads – “It’s A Shame About Ray”
02. The Replacements – “Tim”… but also maybe “Don’t Tell a Soul” haha
03. Kacey Musgraves – “Golden Hour”

Knurd : Trivia question, any good food recommendations in New Hampshire??

Ezra : Yes of course! I love food haha
01. Adelles Coffeehouse – Dover NH
02. Fat Dog Kitchen – Dover NH
03. Chapel and Main – Dover NH
04. Earls Steak and Cheese – Dover NH
05. Bobs Broiled Chicken – Portsmouth NH

Knurd : Can you tell me how Notches get signed to Dead Broke Rekerds and Salinas??

Ezra : Both kind of just happened through mutual friends in bands! It still totally blows my mind to be able to work with both those labels. Marco and Mike are two of the most supportive people I’ve met through music. Both so genuine and kind. They’re lifers in this stuff and they don’t care about money or any of that. They just want to put out great records and that’s it. We never “signed” anything with either label. They’ve both just been incredibly generous and supportive and it means the world. I have continued to be friends with both of those people even after the band ended.

Knurd : What’s your next plan after putting out ‘Granite State Grass’ EP??

Ezra : Just mastering my new record now! Hoping to have it out by fall. I have some shows on the books in fall and I’m hoping to have some friends play with me so I can play my solo songs with a band for the first time! I’m very excited about that idea, and to finally get this record out.

Knurd : Would it be a different thing doing a solo thing than being in a band??

Ezra : It definitely feels different to me! On the plus side, I have complete control over the direction of my work and the timeline of when I do stuff. I could record an album tomorrow and throw it up online the next day if I wanted. The downside is just missing that collaboration and connection with others. For example, I’m very proud and excited about this new record I made, but I don’t really have many people to share that with because I made it, almost entirely, on my own. I miss that group feeling of excitement when you know you’ve made something great.

Knurd : Which one is better to you
A. Playing on a small venue with packed up audience
B. Playing in a festival and nobody cares about your band
Please elaborate!

Ezra : Of course I’m gonna pick choice A! Haha. People caring is always the most important thing to me 100% of the time. I’ve opened some shows for “big” bands where no one cares at all about the opener and I’ve played shows in basements to ten kids where everyone’s going wild and moshing. I can tell you from experience I’ll take the basement show any day of the week. Music’s all about connection with people. So, whether that’s ten or a hundred it’s always better to have people who care in the audience.

Knurd : Any recommendations of good new band from New Hempshire??

Ezra : Yeah totally! There’s not as many as there were in the past, but there’s still some good ones.
01. Happy Just To See You
02. Rick Rude
03. Tiny Wine
04. Molly Mcdevitt
05. Tossed Aside
06. Sam Carpenter
07. Something Something

Knurd : Any last words from you??

Ezra : Just thank you for your support my friend! I hope one day we get to hang out in person!

Granite State Grass by Ezra Cohen

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